...must have been Hardware Appreciation Week.

Monday my hair trimmer died, after 6 years or so. No dramas, it did last fairly long and at least it had the decency of not dying halfway through a job.

Thursday the mechanics had my car to fix, and one thing they fixed. But of course now something new rattles and clunks badly. 'Mach-hiniker', indeed.

To top it off yesterday my washing machine went up in smoke (literally): somehow the drum suspension seems to have broken, the drum rubbed somewhere during the spin cycle, got quite hot and ate all the rubber seals. Result: billowing clouds of black smoke stinking of burning rubber. Great.

And I didn't fly, too, so my mood is really hosed: friday was too windy, saturday ditto and also had some showers, and sunday it was strong again (but that didn't make any real difference, as I went to bed with a bad headache saturday 16:00 and got up sunday 12:30, still feeling lousy).

The remainder of today's arvo I spent detering ants from building a hive in my house, servicing my bicycle and hunting for a reasonably priced new washing machine, which I will continue tomorrow. A minor Good Thing is that the City Council offers an incentive of $100 for buying a water-conserving machine, so I'll do that (and save a bit of energy, too).

Apart from these niceties the week was...tadaaa! lousy. Too much work on the todo stack and too little impetus to get things done, no time for going to the movies and so on.

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