The Melbourne trip was ok; the weather was very warm so it was almost like home and I managed to get some good food and enjoy the nightlife, thanks to some fellow BOFHs down there. Jessica rang me on Friday afternoon, for some ground-handling exercise: I had to decline, being 1500 km away :-)

But naturally my usual bad luck re timing was in effect: Sunday was a very good flying day in Canungra indeed, one site record broken by Brandon with a 125km flight and Little Jon flew his hangie 497km, which is a new Oz record. And it had to be on the one weekend I'm away...

Work on Monday was lousy, one of the students stuffed up one of the lab boxes beyond booting, great. Most of the other stuff also failed to work as expected. Lots of fun. Marking the midterm from last week was annoying, and the results were fairly bad...and I had thought the exam to be on the easy side.

Then the bloody Debian FTPmaster Cabal published a proposal that's about to wreck all the good things about Debian completely, which didn't exactly improve my mood. I'm far from the only one raising his voice of objection but who knows what's going to happen...hatehatehateHATE stupid politics.

Today another so-so day at work; the clouds looked good all day long but after the lecture was over the wind was too strong even for a desperately needed afternoon flight. So I wandered home, to learn a bit later that Richard, one of my friends had broken the Canungra site record with a 158km flight across Cunningham's Gap. Today. Good on him, but bad for my flight-and-success-deprived mood.

Later in the evening I make the mistake of reading my work email: a group of silly students had bungled their lab machine thoroughly, yay! more fucking work at night for me! and some of my archive CDs from the late 90s are no longer readable - just when I wanted to refresh the content onto a few DVDs. Oh what a perfect day.

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