"If you read Boing Boing's RSS feed, you've probably noticed that we are now running occasional text ads in selected entries."

Yes, and it pisses me off big time: the web version is so ad-infested that it's unreadable (40% of the screen realestate blinks and warbles and tries to entice me), so I read it via RSS (spidered by this abomination in full screen beauty. Form follows function and Content rules.

I hate ads. I run jesred (and maintain it for debian, too), a squid redirector and crap filter. I add this to jesred.rules

regexi ^http://feeds.feedburner.com/    http://localhost/jesred/dot.gif

I see no more BB ads. I am happier.

Update (Mon 07.02.2005 19:59):
The redirection was too general: boingboing's main RSS file would be n/a with the above. But all the ads live under /~a/... Better:

regexi ^http://feeds.feedburner.com/~  http://localhost/jesred/dot.gif
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