The weekend of 12./13.6. we spent at Killarney, camping, freezing a bit in the cold evenings, and as usual flying.

I didn't take any pics on saturday, but after my last launch and landing on sunday arvo Mike VB took off once more, and the following pics are of him soaring over Carr's Lookout, on the western end of the Great Diviging Range.

 2004_06_13-mike-launching-carrs.jpg  2004_06_13-mike-over-carrs-owner.jpg right: simon?, owner of carrs 2004_06_13-mike-over-carrs.jpg  2004_06_13-mike-over-carrs2.jpg  2004_06_13-mike-over-carrs6.jpg  2004_06_13-mike-over-carrs7.jpg  2004_06_13-mike-over-carrs9.jpg
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