Yesterday I got a $25 fuel voucher as a lottery prize from Bosch; that nicely offsets the price of the 6pack of spark plugs that got me into the draw.

I also got rid of the stinking PW-200 excuse for a power supply for pretty much what it cost me (except shipping from the US) -- all hail ebay! and I honestly did warn the sheep^Wprospective buyers that I didn't like it... kept the AC-DC converter, because no household can be complete without a 12V 9A juice source, right?

The replacement Casetronix PSU is great, tiny, solid and robust and didn't cost much more than the PW-200. As you can see below I already installed it and tosspot is now complete -- with a new 200gb disk as the new Maxtor that I bought for online backup 1.5 months ago has already let out the magic smoke. Junk!

But as AdB puts it:

"The idea is that RAID stands for Redundant Array of Inexpensive Dreck." -- Anthony de Boer

And indeed, a replacement Samsung 200gb ide disk cost me $99 this week.

 2006_07_03-new-psu-tosspot.jpg  2006_07_03-tosspot-innards-finished.jpg  2006_07_03-tosspot-innards.jpg  2006_07_03-tosspot-outside.jpg

The coup, however, as far as fast money is concerned is my recent acquisition of an Ixus 400: bought it for $250, got an unwanted waterproof diving case with it and sold that off today for $203. And I'm about to sell off a Garmin 12 and my old Ixus V3 to friends, so I'm absolutely drowning in cash.

(I wish. But one may dream...)

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