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Let's see what happened in the last few weeks. Not very organised today; did too much code wrangling.
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I just couldn't resist plotting things. That's total airtime and airtime per week (x 10 in order to see something).

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No. Never. NO! Go Away! This is not what I want.
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This is pretty cool stuff.
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...but things do work. Eventually.
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Google Maps helps us to identify the greatest liar.
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this will do. After all the bloody murkins confiscated the "art exhibit" these were part of.

State of Sabotage, Now!

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When I read that I thought they'd salted him, or stuffed His Vileness or smoked him down to a shrivelled piece of dead meat...but dammit, he's still breathing.

Along those lines: see what rone cooked up about stupid old Karol (giggle).

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I'm convinced of that. Aspirin is also the only medicament I use. (Paracetamol OTOH doesn't seem to do much for me, weird.)

Had a molar extracted earlier today. It took a couple of oversized anaesthetic injections until the jaw was sufficiently numb, and the doc had to cut the tooth in halves to get it out, with the usual pulling, ripping and assorted other jaw-wrenching niceties.

There is now a deep hole. The dentist had suggested I get some serious painkiller into my system before the anaesthetic wears off but as usual I'm too toug^Wstupid^Wstubborn to do that.

So the numbing anaesthetic wore off after 1hr45, and a few hours later I took 2x 250mg aspirin just to get rid of the slightly annoying soreness of the jaw and (unrelated) headache. That was 8 hours ago.

Then I made the mistake of eating salami: of course some of the tasty dead meat had to lodge in the hole I shouldn't touch, shouldn't suck or poke a toothpick into...aggrrr. Ah well, at least none of the salty chips ended up in there, that might have hurt.

[ published on Thu 10.02.2005 23:21 | filed in still-not-king | ]

Gah, I hate heisenbugs. &rw is currently on a crusade...against poor old exmh. Not a single of the problems that pester him are reproducible here, and I haven't seen anything resembling that level of problems on the exmh-{users,workers} lists. ASS, AHS etc.

On a more positive note: I'm a sucker for obscure technical documentation, like the SR-71 Flight Manual or this collection of car (service/owners) manuals. I must have wasted at least a day reading the SR-71 book (what for? pure technical curiosity) and yesterday spent a few hours reading this 41 chevrolet shop manual: the amount of marketing-speak about the company's "new, improved, better" manufacture was hilarious. What was also pretty much fun was the amount of pictures of people using heavy hammers on delicate gear. I suppose you can get away with things like that when a 4.1 liter engine is expected to produce a stunning 29hp....

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"If you read Boing Boing's RSS feed, you've probably noticed that we are now running occasional text ads in selected entries."

Yes, and it pisses me off big time: the web version is so ad-infested that it's unreadable (40% of the screen realestate blinks and warbles and tries to entice me), so I read it via RSS (spidered by this abomination in full screen beauty. Form follows function and Content rules.

I hate ads. I run jesred (and maintain it for debian, too), a squid redirector and crap filter. I add this to jesred.rules

regexi ^    http://localhost/jesred/dot.gif

I see no more BB ads. I am happier.

Update (Mon 07.02.2005 20:59):
The redirection was too general: boingboing's main RSS file would be n/a with the above. But all the ads live under /~a/... Better:

regexi ^  http://localhost/jesred/dot.gif
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Seen on a delivery truck the other day: "Pallet Express - too forking easy"

Hear, hear: "Kudzu is not without disadvantages." More on Kudzu and Kudzu-covered $foo here. Almost Zen-like.

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I'm sure the residents of Bambling Rd near Canungra didn't exactly expect humans rain down on them but weirder things have happened.

Ivan, one of the club's more experienced pilots had a close call yesterday. He was flying his Boomerang as usual, just a bit away from Tamborine launch when everything went pear-shaped quickly and he had to throw his reserve parachute. Which did open, and did slow him down and kept him from going splat.

I was in the air at that time, too, didn't see the events prior to the reserve opening but kept Ivan in sight after Mark had gone on the radio letting people know of the trouble.

Luckily Ivan didn't hit any powerlines, the main road or any of the houses close by as he touched down, nor did he end up in the trees - which might have been better: he hit the ground hard enough to injure his ankles somewhat.

I didn't much feel like flying yesterday anyway, so I landed shortly after he had given us an "I'm okay" on the radio. Some others did continue onwards and had nice flights; I just launched for another short flight later in the arvo.

Hours tally: 82.6hrs.

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I'm rereading Feersum Endjinn. Ah, what fun.

There is just not enough Dada in today's world right now, so I think I'll be posting some Absurdly Silly Useless Weird Thing of the Day for the next while or so.

This is number 1: jakt-wif-lotza-pokits. I like that term, but it's too hot to wear a jacket in this place so I do s/jakt/shurz/.

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January is gone, with little recollection of where the 31 days went. Bugger.
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"Go to the supermarket and buy two home brew kits. ... Also buy at least a couple of bottles of Coopers Pale Ale, more if you like. Ignore the instructions. Cool and pour the Pale Ale, being careful to leave the yeast sediment behind. Drink the beer."

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