Gah, I hate heisenbugs. &rw is currently on a crusade...against poor old exmh. Not a single of the problems that pester him are reproducible here, and I haven't seen anything resembling that level of problems on the exmh-{users,workers} lists. ASS, AHS etc.

On a more positive note: I'm a sucker for obscure technical documentation, like the SR-71 Flight Manual or this collection of car (service/owners) manuals. I must have wasted at least a day reading the SR-71 book (what for? pure technical curiosity) and yesterday spent a few hours reading this 41 chevrolet shop manual: the amount of marketing-speak about the company's "new, improved, better" manufacture was hilarious. What was also pretty much fun was the amount of pictures of people using heavy hammers on delicate gear. I suppose you can get away with things like that when a 4.1 liter engine is expected to produce a stunning 29hp....

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