Have a look at these examples of street art, or this cool mural or this one, all by the Etam crew.

Pretty amazing stuff!

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The 23rd was Anna Akhmatova's 123rd birthday - or Alan Turing's 100th - or my 40th (same for Zinedine Zidane).

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I've been using Palm PDAs since 98, and I liked PalmOS a lot. Still, after Palm gave up on it I've been thinking about replacing my phone+pda with something slightly more modern: not necessarily because my Centro wasn't sufficient, but because I looked for better networking capabilities. Some months ago I finally did switch to an Android phone. Which I like, too, with one major exception: the automatic assumption that you'll entrust all your personal info to Google and the lack of other options (at least in the basic load-out). I categorically refuse to do that, and am willing to devote pretty much any amount of effort to degoogle my infrastructure - without losing overly much in the way of essential services. This post describes how I got my Android phone pretty much google-free.
click here for the rest of the story...

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At least that's what I deduce from my Austrian sorta-life-insurance policy: that tome of hideous fine print states explicitely that suicide is covered. However, if you accidentally die while doing just about anything fun, then they pay a lot less. ("extended residence in unfavorable climate zones" is also only partially covered...hey, that's why I don't live in Vienna anymore!)

With insurance companies not being known for altruism and benevolence, it must make commercial sense to penalize the clumsy buggers instead of the suicide candidates.

But somehow I can't reconcile that notion with the official statistics...

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