I'm convinced of that. Aspirin is also the only medicament I use. (Paracetamol OTOH doesn't seem to do much for me, weird.)

Had a molar extracted earlier today. It took a couple of oversized anaesthetic injections until the jaw was sufficiently numb, and the doc had to cut the tooth in halves to get it out, with the usual pulling, ripping and assorted other jaw-wrenching niceties.

There is now a deep hole. The dentist had suggested I get some serious painkiller into my system before the anaesthetic wears off but as usual I'm too toug^Wstupid^Wstubborn to do that.

So the numbing anaesthetic wore off after 1hr45, and a few hours later I took 2x 250mg aspirin just to get rid of the slightly annoying soreness of the jaw and (unrelated) headache. That was 8 hours ago.

Then I made the mistake of eating salami: of course some of the tasty dead meat had to lodge in the hole I shouldn't touch, shouldn't suck or poke a toothpick into...aggrrr. Ah well, at least none of the salty chips ended up in there, that might have hurt.

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