I mentioned the Wheely King toy I got recently, and that I can not leave it as it is; somebody like me simply must make things better and more fun. This is a recap of what I've done so far, with some notes as to what works and what doesn't.
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A mnemonic I memorized once for recalling the layers of the OSI model. Unfortunately it seems to be true outside of the OSI/ISO academentia, too: I'm missing two recently acquired ebay bargains...


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Not for me. For him, apparently.

And of course, here's the Obxkcd:


You should have a look at the title attribute (mouseover usually shows it) that Randall has come up with.

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Daylight is fine, but darkness isn't to be frowned at. If you have LEDs, that is.
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Rob gave me a 1GB clonepod. Its Chinese designers made a number of...questionable design decisions, and as a result the player was somewhat broken when I got it.
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Just had the joy of having to deal with the backscatter of a spam run with addresses from my domains (nonexistent boxes though) as sender. And while my Mimedefang setup is reasonably sophisticated, that run actually showed yet another minor loophole.

Minor as in "nothing bad happens that affects the public" but not minor otherwise: I got postmaster-bounces of every single "thanks for your bounce of the spam, but there is no such address here anyway". About 200 of them every few minutes.

Well, no longer. Mimedefang now fully checks whether cyrus boxes exist before letting sendmail get its greedy paws on the stuff. Still, the effort necessary to keep the assholes out but the good mail arriving at the same time is quite annoying.

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A few months ago, I made a simple PIC-based POV toy for my daughter. Here are some building notes, photos and code of course.
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