A nice article about weblogs and why they are no good in general; I mostly agree with the author.

Why this blog-like site, then? because I want to share things I develop/experience, and because I'm trying to keep my Austrian relatives and friends somewhat informed of my whereabouts - but not to the extent of "What did I eat yesterday"...

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This voting system is unproven, high-tech and known insecure. That voting system is proven, low-tech and fairly secure. The Conslutant Price Question: which system are the murkins going to choose?

(a tip: forget common sense. The report? What report? Oh, that report. Well, that report is the work of defaitists, communists and open sourcers. We can't trust them, because of securrrity and terrror <badum-tish>)

Link to abusabletech

Update (Sun 08.02.2004 14:09):

The pentagon recently canned SERVE because of the report.

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Brian Raiter has written an excellent article about what overhead is involved in building ELF binaries, along with /bin/true in 45 bytes. This is nicely complemented by linuxassembly's guide on (guess what) assembly and Linux.

All very useful if you're a compulsive bit-twiddler and control freak (like me).
Brian Raiter's site
Linuxassembly's guide

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...that fights back.

The languages of my choice are

  • C
  • perl
  • and lisp -- despite the saying:

    LISP: To call a spade a thpade.

No real hacker should ever miss the Obfuscated C Contest nor its Perl Counterpart, these are truly awful. Wish I could write gems like those.

Participating or stealing^Wborrowing code from the entries is worth its time for sure, because you'd improve your job security vastly by emanating that weird code :-)

I'm firmly in favour of open source software, whatever exactly you may call it. The dark side would like to condition everybody with propaganda like this, but it is not going to work:

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As we all know UNIX is very good for nice, common tasks like shooting yourself in your foot.
click here for the rest of the story...

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Of course (#insert <asbestos.h>) emacs is my editor.

Tom Christiansen said:

Emacs is a nice operating system, but I prefer UNIX.

Nevertheless emacs is not my login shell.

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Are you familiar with the following?

R$1<@$2>$3    $#error $@ USAGE $: "aaaaaaaaaaah"

Well, I am. Yes, very familiar. And I still like sendmail. Enough said.

There's a faint possibility that you might want to see what anti-spam hacks I've added to version 8.8.8+. Yes, I know that this is almost paleolithic in comparision to today's versions. Still it was a nice setup then. The new stuff is good for all of us, but there goes my effort :-).

Recently I've played with milter, the sendmail on-the-fly filter system - and I still like the beast (must be congenital, then).

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...and the daemon is my good-luck charm which I have with..ahem, on myself all the time. The Guru levitation status is what I aspire to.

Check out userfriendly's daemon series: day one, day two, day three, day four, day five and (IMHO the best) day six.

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