says the Definite Guide to Aussies. I'm going flying+camping to Killarney over the weekend, and I'll bring salad and beer with me. Sausages, too - a balanced feed, you know ;-)

Not this beer, though; that batch is not ready yet:


Rob will organise the Glühwein: it's getting winterish here (for Aussie values of "winter" but still cool). The next photo shows not Glühwein @ work, but just a few beers at Rob's birthday party (and I closed my eyes because of the flash, not because of nodding off...)


Not much news otherwise. The weather is lousy and it rains/drizzles a lot. Usually winter is dry; at the moment it ain't. I'm tired a lot, slept 14 hours tuesday-wednesday and could have had more. Work is relaxed at the moment, the semester starts in two weeks and I'm getting some thinking done for my research work.

Flying wasn't much good for me the last weekend; got only one hour of airtime in and no XC. The tally stands at exactly 95 hours. (Let's hope for this weekend...and it's a long one again, thanks to the Communists!)

Two weeks after putting in the first planty things around the house, a photo of the front side. The foremost green blob is a patch of native violets... ahem, dead native violets. The rest of the stuff seems about as hardy as advertised, but I should get some mulch in RSN. Need to borrow a wheelbarrow, though: the truck can dump the stuff no closer than in front of my garage. Sigh.


What does thrive is my hardware zoo: just got me this Ultra 2 (2x 300MhZ UltraSparc). Very nice but a heavy sucker. Imagine...I've got more computing power and bandwidth a/v for myself than we had for all the customers in the early days of PING...


Just did the half-yearly deed of moving money to .at (to pay Cornelia's alimony) and was made to "enjoy" the greediness of the fucking banks: the one here takes au$22 to make the telegraphic transfer which I could almost understand as they are "actively doing" something, but the other one in .at takes eu18 just to accept the inbound largesse. Bandits...robbers...bloody sucking leeches! froth At least I managed to catch the exchange rate at a reasonably favourable moment this time (by watching the plots every day in the last couple of weeks...)

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