Monday I bought a new washing machine, Tuesday it was delivered and it works well. The car seems to have settled properly, works ok now. (Note to self: hairtrimmer still needs to be replaced.)

On Thursday arvo I just had to go flying, and the new harness was really nice. Friday the weather looked good initially, so I took the day off, but the wind was mostly too strong all day - until about 1600, when things slowed down sufficiently for a bit of nice evening flying. Saturday I spent sitting around, as it was way too strong again. Today was nice, morning with showers and lousy outlook, but around noon things had cleared sufficiently for me to do the usual thing:

You ring a couple of mates, if none of them answers his mobile they must be flying so lets GO! And that was exactly the case.

Darryl Beattie (of motorbike racing fame) has recently joined the flying ranks of the chgc. A nice guy, but he flies a glider that has a black top surface so if you're above him he's very hard to see against the trees.

I got two flights in today, one hour and a half hour hop, and enjoyed it very much. The first flight was one of those slightly crowded ones, with about three hangies and 5-7 punters boating around in very much one area of lifting air.

But the new harness has proven a good investment as it already helps my flying a fair bit; there's hope for the future ;-) (near future aka easter I'll be spending with a few other fliers at Killarney, 2hrs to the west, camping, drinking and flying.)

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