Oi, get your minds out of the gutter! This refers to my car, which will have its gearbox ripped out, inspected to find the bearing that lost its ball(s) and have that replaced.

The car dealer sent me to the warranty company (which sells lousy, worthless addon warranties -but- also handles this dealer's statutory warranty work), the warranty folks sent me to one of the local mechanics which they usually use, who I saw today. They seem nice, a small gang, small shop and the main guy said he's worked for Subaru for a long time, and didn't mind sharing knowledge about Soobys. They rang the warranty company, and there's an ok for stripping and inspecting the transmission - a multi-day job.

So on Monday I'll drop off Conny at school and then leave the car with the mech until (hopefully) Wednesday; the guy said that with easter coming, should things /really/ be delayed beyond Thu he'd give me a car over the weekend. So far, so good. Not that not having a car during the week will be pleasant; I'm thinking hard about going to one of the cheap rent-a-wreck places and renting a car - the cheapest options seem to be around $20/day, might very well be worth the convenience.

Anyway, with that reduced mobility looming ahead I decided that Easter Is Held Today - at least as far as Conny is concerned: she wanted a bike, she may need to ride to and from school next week so we looked for one now. This is the one she liked best, it's within the price range I'm happy to spend for a tool/toy for just under a year, so here it is:


We had to assemble it immediately, of course, and then she rode it on the bike trick circuit outside - in total darkness.

 2008_03_12-conny-on-bike2.jpg  2008_03_12-az-connybike.jpg

It's a tad small for me :-)

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