Mine started even worse than the last one ended.

Last Friday I had planned to go to Ikea and help Rob with some computer stuff, but instead felt sick Thursday evening and stayed properly sick until Sunday arvo. In bed, headache from hell, feverish and sneezing a lot. Lots of fun, I didn't even use any computer for more than 15 minutes over those three days. And of course the weather was glorious and flyable. I haven't flown in more than a month now. Go figure.

Monday morning started with my box at work losing its /home, entirely. Something fishy is going on with the combination of: one ata_piix-driven disk, one pata disk, a mirror over partitions on those two and a volume group on top, which has a logical volume that is dm-crypt+luks-encrypted to make my home, kernels and This is the second time this has happened in two weeks, only way worse than the first time. A similar setup works perfectly fine at home, with the differences being no mirror low down and a pata disk. The same setup but with straight dm-crypt without luks has worked for more than a year without any hiccups, on the same vg-on-mirror, so I suspect the luks stuff -- but that works perfectly at home! very frustrating.

Of course this had to happen pretty much at the most inappropriate time possible: me behind schedule preparing for a lecture later in the day. the /home was shot completely: a few files were lost, all directories where scrambled, most remaining files were hardlinked between 5 and 10 times and a lot of files had become device entries. lost+found held about 20000 files. oh what fun.

Restoring from backup (one level 0, one level 1 from before the weekend) plus coaxing the most essential modified files from the mess took me two thirds of the day. The lecture went so-so, the setup on the box is now back to non-luks and I'm planning to do some stress test for a phony test-environment.

Then the weather started sucking. It rained until right now, my fridge was pretty empty after the three days in bed and I got home wet and hungry. Prepared a bunch of tortillas with fresh minced meat. Only it turns out that the lard I had in the frying pan from before must have gone south: I spent the whole night and pretty much all of today sofar with quick dashes to the toilet every 20-30 minutes. I didn't sleep much, and - lucky me - I have no lectures today.

On the other hand, Conny got the gimmick I made for her and liked it. It's a homemade persistence-of-vision toy (somewhat similar to this one) with a PIC microprocessor, which I'll document here on the web soon.

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