Bloody goddamn fucking flying around - and I'm not even in the air yet, let alone done with the three flights it'll take me to VIE. Of course the airline people were picky. Of course my stuff was over-weight. Of course they weighed the onboard bag and found it too heavy, too. Thanks a bunch.

A hasty repack later (moving most of the onboard's content to the main bag) things suck, my packing is fubar'd and I'm pissed bigtime.

Now the glider bag travels to VIE on its own, I'm poorer by A$230 and the glider bag will be arriving in around 5-8 days (certainly not any earlier), with the possibility of further fucking charges to get the bag out of custom's clutches. Great, this means the vacation is fucked up superbly. (Alternatives? what alternatives? Excess luggage costs would have been somewhere in the range of A$600++...) My rotten luck is in force again: I didn't really plan to take the glider with me (expecting weight trouble), Richard said I should not miss the opportunity so I reconsidered. Of all my flying friends I've talked to about overbaggage experiences, none of them had ever paid excess. Why must bloody shit like that always happen to me?

Never again. Nothing can be worth that hassle, and having to expect the same crap on the way back..

(...8 hours later, now in SIN...) This flying stuff sucks; legroom in cattle-class isn't even close to enough for my 186cm, and anything but cattle-class is impossible for normal earners. Qantas "The Spirit of Australia" my ass. At least the suckers had a decent choice of movies (on demand): so I watched Sin City once more, and then Oyster Farmer (a new Aussie film). Why is it always invariably too cold on commercial airplanes? The cold of last week that I thought I had under control of course is trying to flare up again...and there's two more legs to this journey. So, let's be a good sheep and wait docilely for Finnair to get me to HEL...

(...a lot later...) This flight actually had a stopover at Bangkok; an interesting experience to learn that on the actual airplane...

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