Life is going by, way too fast.

Work was fairly ok, did some nice things for our topicmaps environment, added a cvs interface to the topicmap database server and some functionality for dealing with longer texts (similar to here-docs in perl or shell). Fun stuff.

On saturday I'll leave for Hobart for three days; Sunday I'll laze around and monday I'll speak at the Tasmanian Summer IT Conf. Got the slides ready just in time, as usual.

Other news? none, except that "underworld" is a stupid but fun movie. DNF last weekend, didn't feel like it on Sunday and Saturday had lousy conditions I've been told.

The space around my house is being cleaned up; a couple of palms were cut down (why exactly I don't know, but that's the complex manager's decision) and the paving of the path was redone. Some gravel will be put down tomorrow or so, the sooner the better: the fellows managed to dump the mound of gravel right in front of my garage door - no way to get my car in there now.

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