And this weekend is over.

It was fairly nice, though. Flying on saturday, didn't get away unfortunately. Sunday was blown out with 20+ kts westerlies. Lazing around, planning the kitchen renovation, doing too little programming work (a milter tool will be the next project) but reading quite a bit was how I spent these last few days. The semester is almost over, so I'll have time to do research work and have a bit of vacation, too.

Spent some of the past evenings reading online comics; some of the more memorable ones I dug from the pile:

  • keaner, nice and dark and well-designed
  • demian5 with his hilarious When I Am King but which is a real bitch to navigate
  • Fallen Angels, nicely drawn but has a very confused storyline
  • e-sheep, especially the cool older stuff
  • nowheregirl, dark and beautifully drawn but not updated anymore

Ah, all this beautiful stuff makes me long for the money (&time) to to acquire all Moebius stuff...sigh.

And of course, there's the usual suspects, but in no-bullshit-no-ads RSS versions like I prefer them: Get Fuzzy, Over The Hedge, Pearls Before Swine, Dilbert and Non Sequitur (one panel only :-/)

Just learned that my ex-colleagues' place of ork is changing hands again: the Italians sold EUnet after screwing things up. Why does this so much remind me of the Qwest/KPN fiasco of just a few years ago? Bloody managerial greed and stupidity. All the best to my friends there, though: may things be not too bad for you people!

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