The weekend was lousy, no flying as the weather wasn't good. Friday brought a really strong storm (50+kts winds and lots of rain), quite some damage in QLD and thousands of households without energy. My take was only a little wetness beneath one exposed window.

Some ants have decided that my house would make an ideal place to live for them. I have decided otherwise and started chemical warfare.

My car seems about to become sick; either the aircon belt, the belt idler pulley or the aircon compressor are about to go titsup and the bloody things squeals a lot and loudly. Also the front end suspension needs a major overhaul (definitely new shocks, maybe bearings) and four new tyres are called for. So, lets throw good money after the bad...

It's 2355 and I've spent until 1945 at work then another two hours here prepping the lab tasks for tomoroow and trying to decide on the second assignment for the hopelessly overwhelmed Unix Programming students; in the end I settled for writing a simple shell, but actually I would have liked them to play with MegaHAL instead...

And I can't find the time to do any proper cycling or running in the evenings; mostly I've been working flat-out those last couple of days... I will leave for Melbourne on Thursday arvo, must complete the presentation slides before that, mark 15 programming assignments, finish marking 35 security assignments, and orchestrate two midterm tests. Ah fuck it, this week sucks.

But at least I managed to go to the movies on sunday: One Perfect Day. Australian film, pretty good.

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