This past month has gone by way too fast, and the last three days were lousy.

No flying on saturday; drove up to Tambo but there was too much wind already. It's not exactlycomfortable to see the hangies go almost backwards.
Sunday was worse. I was a bit too late in the morning, by about 15 minutes or so, and the wind strength went through the roof just as I set up. I stayed around, waiting with a couple of other fliers - who decided in the mid-arvo that beer is more important than flying. Eventually they had enough beers that their wifes told them "no flying after that", and of course, then the wind strength became nice enough.

I drove up the hill again, but without anybody around I couldn't fly. I'm really pissed, should have realized the likely course of events when they started cracking the bevvies and should've left then. Wasting opportunities sucks, when the bloody sport is full of waiting oh so often already.

Spent the evening fixing the site guide on the club's website, with a delay of almost two months. Conny got my oz reminder package (couple of jars of vegemite) and is happy about that, talked to her on the phone. Two feet of snow there, 30° here.

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