Friday arvo: flying under rain clouds at Beechmont. Just before the showers came in, all of use quickly landed.

Saturday: Beechmont, and rain clouds all around. We still flew, but on the first flight I hit cloudsuck and couldn't get down. Went out of the way and landed at Munsters, just in time before the rain started. Later on I had another flight, but again rain threatened. This time it started before any of us had landed: suddenly it was raining hard, and everybody scampered towards the launch area to face-land. One of us draped his glider over the bushes (not me, I landed a bit too low and got quite wet packing up).

Sunday: nice flying at Tambo. Some got away earlier but complained about things being rough. I joined Mark on what we expected to be a sleddie, but got up and to 1000m where I had to decide: drift with the thermals over tiger-country to Canungra or head out into the valley for a closer landing field. I chose the safe option, Mark the other: he made it into town but said that he'd had scratchy periods. I, on the other hand, had plenty of altitude and leisure, did a spiral to learn how to get into it properly and took some photos.


The brown-green open area to the right of the road is the landing area for Tambo: unfortunately it is being developed heavily as residential area. One day somebody is going to land in one of those swimming pools...

 2004_08_01-tambo-bo-houses.jpg  2004_08_01-tambo-bo.jpg

The first is the view toward launch: the darkish speck in the middle of the picture with the slope to the left, with the Gold Coast in the haze behind the ridge. The second is the view west towards Beaudesert. The first allowed landing areas are in the upper half of the image...there's lots of stupid fragile expensive race horses around the closer convenient spots :-(

 2004_08_01-tambo-launch-and-gc.jpg 2004_08_01-view-west-tambo.jpg over wonglepong

Some photos I took later in the arvo of Shane over Tambo launch.

 2004_08_01-shane-against-sun.jpg  2004_08_01-shane-over-tambo.jpg
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