The original list is there and deals with the US Army, but Debian seems to be going there rather quickly. Damn politics. So, while there are no 213 things yet, it likely won't take long. Sigh.

  • Not allowed to post about Ubuntu on d-d-a.
  • Not allowed to post about a posting about Ubuntu on d-d-a.
  • Especially if the post doesn't mention Ubuntu at all and is somewhat sarcastic.
  • Must not imply the listmasters are sarcasm-impaired as they don't like this.
  • I must not expect democratic behaviour in the Project.
  • Not allowed to post anything containing non-politically-correct words (like "lesbian") on d-d-a.
  • Debian does not have a Cabal.
  • Not allowed to request an update on the stalled GFDL argument with the FSF. Oceania has always been at war with Eurasia.
  • I am not authorized to question authorities.
  • Especially not debian-admin.
  • Not allowed to call an RC bug an RC bug, if it happens to affect the scum architectures.

Additions welcome.

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