I've got a new toy, a Very Small Animal which has been scrubbed well (of all the windoof gunk). It's unrecognizably cute under debian and therefore named Henry Pootel, pootel for short.

For the curious: it's a secondhand Acer C110 (actually the uprated C112tci model), and it's not pink. 1.5kg (I weighed it), as wide (and 90% as long) as an A4 sheet, real disk, real keyboard, tabletifyable screen with built-in touchscreen (a wacom stylus-based unit), onboard real and wireless ethers/bluetooth/irda, one pcmcia slot, firewire and the usual usb ports. Nice!

Apart from full-word handwriting recognition everything works fine under linux. Cellwriter works well but does only single characters: I was tempted to call the box wol because owl can write about as well (its name and "tuesday")...but owl is not cute.

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