hello, i'm az and i'm an old fart: i really like graffiti - i always have, since 1998 when i bought my first palm iii.

(which was followed by a trg pro, a treo 600, a treo 650, a palm iiic, and finally a palm centro. i still have all of them except the treos, and all of them still work.)

given that fact i was really pleased when i found out that the new overlords of palm os had made graffiti (version 1, the good one) available for android. that worked very well on my lowish-density gadgets (htc desire, galaxy player 5) and it allowed me to make full use of all the deeply embedded brain macros.

however, when i switched to a galaxy 5 the age (last update 2011) of the graffiti app was showing: the input area was squished and much too small vertically. it worked, but not comfortably and i had lots of input errors.

until today: today i found out that an enterprising fellow nicknamed nephiel has created an addon module that fixes the height issue - and it works, and i'm thankful to him/her, and very very pleased.

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