My second bike, a CBR 500F, in its last state: deranged, dented, patchwork but fun. Most pics were taken at the Pannonia race circuit in Hungary.

 ms-patchwork.jpg   amring.jpg  morning.jpg  evening.jpg   before.jpg   dirty+hawk.jpg    dirty.jpg

Really lousy tyres that actually got replaced immediately after that event: rock-hard rubber and race circuits don't go together well.

  vorderR.jpg  hinterR.jpg

And then I had a little high speed incident (at the circuit), a 120 km/h lowsider. Didn't do Ms. Patchwork any good...

 deranged.jpg  woe.jpg    before-repair.jpg    naked.jpg  gfk.jpg   finish.jpg  finish2.jpg

My last bike (so far) was a GSX 750R. These are a couple of pics of her in the custom mostly-legal race/street trim.

    vorne.jpg  zuz.jpg    links.jpg   links2.jpg   rechts.jpg
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