...lousy chlorine taste of the Gold Coast water. The Hinze Dam is just not on par with the Eastern Austrian Alps where Vienna gets its water from.

So I ordered a undersink water filter set: housings, plumbing stuff and two filters (one sediment and one active-charcoal-and-magic) for $170 delivered, and the filters (about $50 together) should last me about two years or more.

az's three steps to DIY zen:

  • one: open all the packets and adore the shiny contents.
  • two: lose at least half the contents or mix everything up badly.
  • three: ignore the instructions. ;-)

I didn't follow these rules fully, likely keeping me from sansara for another couple millennia but then I got working nonleaky plumbing now.

 2005_01_17-filter-unmounted.jpg 2005_01_17-filter-tap-mounted.jpg

I must have wasted about three drill bits for drilling through the steel sink; but then they were super-cheap junk from Crazy Clark's or The Warehouse (or worse). Anyway, a bit of citronella lamp oil for lubrication and a fair bit of pressure on my (about as lousy) electrical drill left me with a hole for the tap.


The final result; the white thing downstream of the ball valve is a pressure reducing valve (don't ask me why such a thing is required) and yes, having an electrical outlet that close to the (hot) water is not exactly my idea of safe engineering.

The thin John Guest hose is fully pressure-bearing (which doesn't worry me) and the fittings are pretty nifty: push the hose into the fitting, let go, done. Now that is very cool, as is the taste of the filtered water. Yay!

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