I spent 2 and a half days there over this weekend, sightseeing and talking at the Tasmanian Summer IT Conference (gave a talk about Unixy stuff). It's still summer -supposedly- so Hobart had a whopping 17°C maximum. Sunny. Windy. Cold. Still, a nice (and small) place, with 100k people in the town and 400k on the whole island.

There's a few distinctive weird things I've experienced: Hobart's street planners seem to have had no spirit levels (or utter contempt for gravity), and "steep and small" seems to be en vogue especially in houses (see pics below).

Also Hobart girls seem to come in two flavours: regular grade or with antifreeze instead of blood. The antifreeze crowd prefers thongs (Australian meaning), stubbies or similar shorts and tshirt; maybe a sweater and (yes, it's cold!) a cap. Makes sense, one needs to tan one's legs properly, and the head is where you lose most thermal energy. Haven't got any pictures of these people though; I'm not a rabid photo-shooter-of-everything.

    2004_02_21-hobart-cbd.jpg  2004_02_22-hobart-steep-streets.jpg   2004_02_22-hobart-hosentaschenhaus.jpg
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