Bolero Large Yellow/Red/White, DHV 1, 90-110kg. 3 years old, 63 hours. No beach, in perfect condition, just inspected: 130+ seconds on the porosity meter. Comes with glider bag and stirrup. $1400 ONO.

I bought that bolero new in Jan 2002 when I started paragliding. I clocked up 63 honest hours with it, with exactly one flight at Rainbow Beach (don't ask) and all other flying being done far away from any sand: around Canungra, Manilla or Killarney. I didn't do any silly things with it ever, no tree or bush contact; it's still in perfect shape, and I sell it because I changed to an Oasis recently so the Bolero is only sitting in the cupboard.

It's a large, rated from 90kg to 110kg, straight DHV-1. Comes with speedbar, gin glider bag and the owner's manual. Phil Hystek(Gin importer) tested it just before I put it up for sale: lines are all fine and it's got 130+ seconds on the porosity meter, so a fair bit of life left.

...and some pictures.

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