...since 1972!

(LEO translates this "as ugly as sin", for the few of my colonial readers.) My two sisters sent me this t-shirt as a very welcome birthday gift. The birthday was on the 23.6., but the postal services involved were of the belief I'd need some time to...reflect, so it arrived just a few days ago.


I have discovered that I can't smile: when I think that I look nice, I scowl darkly. When I try to smile, I look like a patient post-lobotomy. (No idea what I look like when I'm pissed and do frown.) I've got a runny nose, I'm tired but a lot less rotund than the photo suggests (83.5kg @ 186cm).

It's 59 hours to my next work day. I have a mostly full bottle of Smirnoff Green Apple for getting tanked, no cigarettes, and I'm wearing contact lenses.

Hit it!

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