And I felt reminded of that dislike when I helped rho and Anitta do some new cables in their house last year.

(just couldn't be bothered with putting up any text until now)


Looks spacious, doesn't it?

 2004_09_22-az-rho-dach.jpg  2004_09_22-az-rho-dach4.jpg  2004_09_22-az-rho-dach6.jpg

Well it ain't, not in the spots where you have to do the fishing for the threading rod or the cable going through the wall cavities. At the point pictured here I couldn't even turn my head anymore and still had to extend one arm fully to reach the required spot.

The "beams" I'm lying on are what holds everything together. The stuff between the wood is the ceiling (15mm plasterboard aka Rigips in .at). Do not put any pressure on the plasterboard...


Feeling better after the cable threading is done and I'm about to crawl out of the stinking hot roof void.

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