Just kidding.

There are no real news: it's week 13 in the skewed parallel universe my orkplace inhabits, which means little hassle, but Conny has her week off between terms one and two at school. I'm not happy about my exams being scheduled for tomorrow and Monday, as that nixes the last few chances of having some time off with Conny. The weather during this week was absolutely abysmal, very much like Vienna in November but 20°C warmer.

In other news, Conny had a very good first term here, with mostly a's and a few b's and b+ hidden in the corners. (The grading scheme here is weird: you get marks for progress, attitude and industry in every subject. The first two make sense, but "industry"?! That's like saying "well, you're completely hopeless and you have no clue, you are a cranky bugger but as you're keeping very busy not getting anywhere we'll give you marks for industry." Gut gemeint ist das Gegenteil von gut gemacht!)

In other not-really-news, Conny has gotten her weight back under control now. The old pictures of the last two years or so showed her a tad chunky, what with her personal floatation ring. Now she is at 54kg and 158cm, and is quite happy about that. So am I; well done kid!

The final bit of non-news is that Conny got a digital camera as present from me (this here Casio EX-Z50:)


and true to form (see headline), she has already found and enabled the most obnoxious unfeature, ever: canned sound effects for half-pressed shutter, taking a pic etc. Whoever decided to add that cutesy horror will be first against the wall when the revolution comes, says this purist. Here are a couple of test pics. The one with our pile of (homemade) maki rolls suffered just a bit from greasy fingers wiped across the lens, and the worm is a bit of omelette that escaped the maki rolling.

 2008_04_09-conny-chair-huhu.jpg  2008_04_09-conny-chair-lounging.jpg 2008_04_10-az-hallway.jpg  2008_04_09-conny-food.jpg  2008_04_09-sushi-fatfingered.jpg
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