Well, maybe: a test of whether a blog-like web environment is acceptable for me to work with. I'm not certain of that yet, but here goes.

As you see this site is now like all other blogs out there: scarcely organised, duplicating stuff that's out there, blathery and formless.

The reasons for me to switch over:

  • simpler and faster to update.
    The rub is that my belts-and-suspenders-and-backup way of organising and structuring things goes down the drain.
  • easier for me to offer back stuff to the world.
    As an infovore, researcher and developer I'm inundated with information and experiences with multilayered abstract stuff which I have to sift and sort to make into something workable/useful/elegant/true/whatever. So far this condensed information has been sitting in my brain only or in notes on my various systems. I think that I should share some of this stuff, and a blog like this seems most convenient - for me to work with of course. I need extra work about as much as I need another bodily orifice so this better be cheap effort-wise...

What's missing at the moment are the image galleries I've had on the old site, but they just need a bit of time for me to clean up and republish. If you're that keen on seeing my old content, the wayback machine might help you out.

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