too bad that the bastards in power will likely not give a damn...

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more specifically: this V. Nuland person, diplomatic underling now known best for spindoctoring and being a nekulturny pissant needs to have more European High Culture :-)

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 opmantek newspaper

sure, it's just an article in the local rag (quality: above Krone but way below derStandard) and they got a few minor bits wrong, but nevertheless not bad for opmantek.

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Have a look at one of this year's obfuscated C contest winners:

This entry weighs in at a magical 4043 bytes (8086 nibbles, 28,301 bits). It manages to implement most of the hardware in a 1980's era IBM-PC using a few hundred fewer bits than the total number of transistors used to implement the original 8086 CPU.

Actual source code, screenshots of it running autocad etc. here.

Some people definitely have too much time and/or too much spare brain power - I'm envious :-)

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